55 Biblical Solutions to Life Issues

55 Biblical Solutions to Life Issues
55 Biblical Solutions to Life Issues

Thursday, 9 October 2014


1 The first step towards a Stop! You need to make up your mind about it. There is power in will power . Anytime , the urge comes you say "NO" and be very adamant about it ! "NO" is "NO" Period! in Jesus name , Amen.
2.You can never fight lewd thoughts in your mind . You fight it by speaking out against it. Jesus said in scripture in the book of Mark 11:23 ( Allow me to translate it like this ) if thou shall say to this mountain " that wicked spirit of masturbation" "NO" and you believe in your heart , what you have said , it shall be done for you. Listen , even if you fall, follow the procedure , again and again , till your faith becomes strong to resist the temptation.
3.stop watching those secular videos with almost semi naked women on it or men exposing their bodies seductively. Don't tempt your self by saying you can handle it . Leave the scene or change the channel for your safety.What the eye sees the mind retains for future use by the enemy , when the "evil" opportunity arises.
4.stop the secular musik. Try as much as possible not to have those dvd.s or cd,s around you.Every time you listen to it , your mind stores it for future use by the enemy . I have heard and listen to good Christian songs , I mean deep worship songs that will bless your soul! Amen.They are all on the net for you to download.
5.Be a reader, it helps. Develop your mind with good books , there are so many out there now . knowledge is strenght. scripture says "A wise man is strong yea; a man of knowledge increaseth strenght".prov 24:5. It is the knowledge of what you know , that gives you the strenght to resist any kind of temptation when it comes . So keep reading good books (especially christian books ) it helps.
6. change friends if need be; some friends are just naturally a "bad" influence in your life . Drop them! Your life will never get better hanging out with them.
7. Try as much as possible not to be around people who take delight in talking dirty, as a believer you know words carry power , so be careful and avoid places and people like that ! Nothing stops you from praying for them , but safety first ! wisdom bible says is the "principal" thing.Prov 4:7
8. finally, I delibrately keep the best for last. This one works like the finger of God. I call it the "foolproof method" prayer and fasting  . fasting deadens your emotions from acting. masturbation has to do with the flesh and when your flesh is subdued through fasting , it stops your body from reacting to sexual temptations. When you fast and pray , let your prayer points focus on the main problem , hit the nail on the head; be direct and don't beat around the bush , that such powers pushing you to engage in it be destroyed in Jesus name,Amen . Go on a three day fast and you would be thankful to God you did!

if you need someone to pray along with you, feel free to send me an sms  or call or email me ; you don't need to drop your name and I willbe glad to help. Never think you have a problem , but think there is always a way out of every addiction or bad habit if you are willing to take that bold step first..