55 Biblical Solutions to Life Issues

55 Biblical Solutions to Life Issues
55 Biblical Solutions to Life Issues

Monday, 29 August 2016


"I am God , the only God you ' ve had or ever will have -incomparable , irreplaceable- From the very beginning telling you what the ending will be , All along letting you in on what is going to happen , Assuring you , I am in this for the long haul, I 'll do exactly what I set out to do .”


1. God of compensation - With God you can never lose . why? He will surely compensate you for all your losses . How do I know this . Read this verse of scripture - Zechariah 9:12 (Msg) "This very day I 'm declaring a double bonus -everything you lost returned twice -over." Don't be deceived. Believe God for His promise and you shall receive your compensation in full in the name of Jesus , Amen.
2. Incomparable , irreplaceable -God - Get this key - the powers or the people against you cannot be compared to God , the challenges you re facing now cannot replace Him . Here is the key from the book of Psalm 69:30 "I will praise the name of God with a song and will magnify Him with thanksgiving.” Rather than talk about his problems , David magnified his God the more . The way you see your God matters a lot , when faced with challenges . See Him as big and your challenges as small . your results come faster that way .
3. God is incomparable in greatness - Don't let the battles of life scare you . Know this about God , He owns the game , the players ,the ball ,the net including the pitch and the land where the game is played. HE IS BIG ! . . See how the book of .Isaiah 45:18b (Amp)puts it "I am the Lord , and there is no one else" Let this thought stay in your mind and you will see God work for you . Why? see prov 23:7 " you become what you think"
. 4 God is incomparable in strength - No matter the strength of your enemies , it still cannot be compared to the strength of God in power , in wisdom , knowledge you just name it . God is mighty. Even the strength of your enemies are still under His control and check . job 41:11 "whatsoever is under the whole heaven is mine." He puts a watch over his own.
5. God is incomparable in goodness . Relax , no need to envy sinners or anybody . In less than 24 hrs he made Joseph famous all over the world . He can do the same for you if you decide to follow and obey Him (.Job 36:11 ) . Amen. Only believe and don't give up. Your time has come . Amen. Eccl 3:1"To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven."
6. God is incomparable in miracles and wonders . Listen , He can choose to put the finest diamonds on earth right in your backyard without sweat , make you famous around the world in a split of a second , He is God Almighty !! Read 2 Kings 3:17,18,20 . Never look at your challenges as too big for God to solve , rather see God laughing at it and you do the same . Psalm 2:4. Remember what the magicians said to Pharaoh in the book of Exodus 8:19a "Then the magicians said unto Pharaoh , This is the finger of God:"Amen. Is your turn friend , It is your turn to laugh in Jesus name , Amen. Luke 6:21.
7. Irreplaceable. No Devil on earth or anywhere can replace him . Be rest assured of this , what it means is that he will never allow your enemy to triumph over you . He does not like anybody sharing the glory due to him. Isaiah 48:11 (Amp)"And I will not give My glory to another [by permitting the worshipers of idols to triumph over you.].”
8. Listen , your outcome will be good . storms are usually great when it is about to end . Be at rest and hold your peace .Exodus 14:14 (Amp)"Lord will fight for you , and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest."
9. Why was David never defeated in battle ? He had the key to God's heart . praises . praise your way through that issue and give Him thanks . .Psalm 138:1"I WILL confess and praise you [O God ] with my whole heart :before the gods will I sing praises to you .” He takes over the battle when we praise Him. Psalm 149.
10. God loves it when we say we know Him . your knowledge of Him guarantees your victory . Why? you are sure friend , you are sure !! . Proverb 11:9b" but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.”

Personal quote :

"why fear , when you know who He is "God"

Prayer : Father reveal more of you to me in Jesus name , Amen.

you win ! Bless you .